Cretes str, Limassol
June 2007
Total area 662 m2
5 floors (+basement)

The elliptic roof of the building is based on two vertical members, which house the staircases, forming the image of the initial concept the volume of the rest of the building seem suspended by it. The red colour chosen reflects the dynamism, autonomy and enthusiasm that characterize the company’s executives.

At the same time – having chosen the use of high-tech materials for flooring, building coating and elevators – the building itself has become a symbol and reflects the identity of the company, allowing for the confrontation with the technological challenge that such a choice dictated.

The natural environment enters the building, thanks to the constant glass surfaces, which give light to the open ground floor plan and unobstructed view to the garden . The functional units on the other floors are placed around an elliptic core, which defines the conference room and at the same time refers to the general logic of the whole composition.