Him I consider the architect, who by sure and wonderful reason and method, knows both how to devise through his own mind and energy, and to realize by construction, whatever can be most beautifully fitted out for the noble needs of man, by the movement of weights and the joining and massing of bodies. To do this he must have an understanding and knowledge of all the highest and most noble disciplines. This then is the architect.

Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472)

SAVVIDES – ARCHITECTS is a studio which combines theoretical research with practice. Our team is composed of highly creative and passionate architects, dedicated to create spaces that are intended for the human, by using new optical and aesthetical approach. Our aim is to go beyond the structure and to guide the user to discover and feel new spatial experiences.

Through our  long experience, the continuous study and research of Theory of Architecture, Philosophy and Evolution of Architecture and Design , as well as the study and comprehension of the dynamism of Symbolic Forms, the architects of the studio are able to design and present projects that become landmarks and points of reference.

With respect to the Place (Culture – Tradition – Climate) and the environment, the practice study and applies new solutions in design. The building sector is an important aspect of sustainable development and we – architects -through an environmental planning contribute in the effort to upgrade the quality of life and achieve sustainability.

SAVVIDES - ARCHITECTS believe that architecture directly influences the quality of our lives and determines who we are.  We face the human with his double attribute – Body and Spirit – and want, through our work, to satisfy both his corporeal and his spiritual needs. Considering and respecting the Context, we work for a better Architecture that occurs from a great Concept and contributes to the improvement of the society.

Our aim is to lead the users to discover and live new spatial experiences through the motion into the spaces that we create.  With respect to the generations to come and the quality of the environment, we study and we apply innovative solutions in our projects.
The enthusiasm with which we began this course is daily growing and it is impressed in our will to design well and responsibly.