Total area 1141 m2
3 floors

We usually call an apartment building as flat building”. This characterization leads to loss of identity and imposes psychology of mass.

This particular “apartment building” wants to offer its tenants, the spaces and the means to enjoy the family/personal moments, the places for socialization and friendly/mass events, the possibility of exercising and fun – games, ensuring, at the same time, the identity of each autonomous unit – apartment.

The shape of the plan gives a feeling of security and gathering around a central core (ancient settlements), the courtyard with swimming pool, which, however, in turn, is open to the public road. Created, i.e., a kind of transition from public to private through the main courtyard. . The design solution we selected ensures the view from all apartments in the central courtyard and toward the sea.

The play of colors to the balconies gives identity to each unit, generates pleasant feelings and converts the building to a landmark offering a lively and enjoyable picture not only to the residents but also to the users of neighboring buildings.