Eptagonia | March 2012
Competition Project
Design Team
Angelos Savvides  Lead - Architect
Poly Cleovolou-Savvidou  Architect
Lorenzo Ruggieri  Architect
Tasos Ioannou  Architect
Eftihia Athanasiou Landscape Designer

Enhancing the relationship of coexistence between the cemetery area (death, stagnation, past) and the cultural center space, restaurant and event’s space (life, growth, future), we create a transition space, a park that achieves environmental improvement and creates entertaining and socializing spaces.  In the same time, we create the museum through which rises the future based on the experiences and the knowledge of the past. The Museum is placed underground, to not affect the natural beauty and disturb the existing balance. There guests have the opportunity to return to their roots and have a peaceful walk, a flashback, within a society drowning in material goods.

The area is of great interest both in terms of topography and – even more – for the uses hosting: park, museum, social center, Church Square, restaurant, the priest’s house.