Pafos | June 2011
Competition entry
Design Team
Angelos Savvides  Lead - Architect
Poly Cleovolou-Savvidou  Architect
Lorenzo Ruggieri  Architect
Anna Christou  Architect
Tasos Ioannou  Architect
Domenico Perilli  Structural Design
Christos Christofi  Electrical Engineer

Situated in Paphos, in Tassos Papadopoulos Street and adjacent to schools, the pedestrian bridge, aims to give children a safe path, offering the opportunity to learn, play, talk, without risk.

The shape familiar, intimate, characteristic to the kid’s world – a game with shapes and colors, inviting the children to “play over the road”, to move across safely, to “move” to the knowledge, through the impressions formed during the game.

The architecture rises through the movement, forms, colors, materials, and perceived through shapes sequences that require movement of the observer. All emotions are controlled by the using of the colors, preparing users psychologically and emotionally to reach their destination.

A presence that will become a reference point and offers an aura of renewal, energy and color to the area.