Nicosia | October 2011
Competition entry
Design Team
Angelos Savvides  Lead - Architect
Poly Cleovolou-Savvidou  Architect
Lorenzo Ruggieri  Architect
Tasos Ioannou  Architect

The Old GSP – the  old football stadium of Nicosia– was for decades a place of attraction to sports, especially football, detonation and socialization. This role should be preserved through time, in a new form, the form of a park. Attempted to capture and preserve the vital vibration and the chronic dynamic of the Site, the new constructions are mixed and combined with the environment, in order to give the best quality result. This evolution and variability of the landscape, is the physicality of Time embedded in the objects.

The park, except from the shaped green and the squares, the pedestrian and cycling paths, will also contains outdoors events areas, playground, kiosks, café, bar, restaurants, the old clock – a path of memory, gallery, memorial room, entertainment places and underground parking space.