Nicosia | September 2010
Competition entry
Design Team
Angelos Savvides  Lead - Architect
Poly Cleovolou-Savvidou  Architect
Lorenzo Ruggieri  Architect
Kyriakos Georgiou Structural Design
Michalis Gregoriou Mechanical Engineer
Christos Christofi Electrical Engineer
Christos Ioannou Quantity Surveyor

We design a building-landscape, with a horizontal and vertical flow of open and semi-open spaces, that meets and satisfies all the functional requirements of the competition program linking the public space with the offices, transferring the environment inside the building, to be enjoyed by employees and visitors at all levels.

By creating transition routes and break points we promote the development of social relations in a pleasant environment.

Composition tools – the vectors as a mechanism of space organization, the event, activation of the empty space, the in-between space, the skin.

The Form simple, understandable, the Eternal Form, the Stone on which were written messages, news and events, to be transmitted from generation to generation.

The elevations are transparent filters refining distant views of the city and letting the volume of the Newsroom emerge.

The in-between space becomes the linking and transmitting space from one container to another and offers to guest and employees spatial feelings, acting as a stimulus for the evolution, as a happy event that people in move.  The architecture is perceived through space sequences and events involving the movement of the observer.  The spirit motivated and stimulated by the non-tangible nature.

? Information, as a newcomer ‘material’ becomes architecture, which like the news, created to move us and give us joy, to upset us and calm us, to open new horizons and educate us.?