28th October str, Limassol
Project proposal
Mixed use

Every healthy and dynamic organization has to project the right image through its corporate premises.  An appropriate architectural design provides the medium that can send the right message to the recipients, the medium that will establish the desirable corporate image.  The power of the image (design) combined with the precision of advanced technology; determine the imposing presence of a building in the surrounding area.  The expression of power determines the intensity of the observer’s experience.  The objective is: volume without weight, lightness without losing strength.

The main concept behind this project is the maintenance of the natural and visual connection of every part of the property as well as the connection of the whole development with the sea accepting that the sea (water) is a source of energy and power.

The development project of 5730 m2 includes: an office building, a residential building, café, a suspended bridge (that connect the office with the residential area), swimming pool, tennis court, artificial lakes etc.