Ras Banas, Egypt
Under study

The proposal is about the creation of a tourist resort (village) of low cost (initially) which will be used by marine sport fans, but also by local and foreign tourists to enjoy their holidays in a unique environment both in terms of landscape, and the activities and architecture.

With respect to the environment and the historical and cultural heritage of the place and the country in general, the original idea is based on the form of Nomadic Tent and Pyramid. These two are – not random – the oldest environmental and ecological forms. Using traditional materials and techniques but with innovative concept and adopting renewable sources of energy, the whole project will become a world wide example of ecological / environmental design with deep respect for the tradition and culture of the country. For shading the shops / restaurants / cafes along the beachfront we use huge (technologically advanced) tents (referring to Nomadic Tents that are the oldest example of eco-design).  The form of the buildings for the accommodation of tourists and corporate clients has its origin in Pyramid. Through a process of deconstruction of the volume of the ancient pyramid we create new forms that provide the necessary surfaces in proper slope for the installation of photovoltaic panels and, in addition, offer ideal living conditions avoiding the use of air conditioners or other cooling devices.