Polemidia, Limassol
Private residence
Total area: 265 sq.m.
Plot surface: 551 sq.m.

The format consists of rectangular inclined to offer simplicity, to be understandable by the viewer and the perceptions to be indelible. Hailing from Chios, the residences’ island gave us the opportunity to develop this form. “Quite simply it is the shapes of the Greek island tradition. Simple and strictly organic. Such was always the art of the Greek. And it was the struggle of the Greek for virtue This simplicity that peaked his spirit for the perfect conquest.” wrote Dimitris Pikionis – one of the great teachers of Greek Architecture – studying the architecture of Chios.

The area of ​​the covered area on the ground is equal to 145sq.m. and the floor is 121sqm. The plan is U-shaped, allows visual contact with the central courtyard to the east, from all the interior spaces on the Ground floor and the upper floor. The building is almost blind to the street, to provide privacy – protection from prying eyes. The location of the uses is such that provides the best possible orientation.