Environmental Information Center
Aliki(Salt Lake), Larnaka | 2008
Competition Entry
Design Team
Angelos Savvides
Poly Cleovoulou-Savvidou

The transition from the natural environment and the entrance in the Center becomes totally naturally and smoothly following the joint way (human-environment), passing underneath the covered part of the entrance which is a natural extension of the roof of the building.

The flow, the path from the point of entry to the premises of the exhibits, projection room and lectures, Environmental education room etc, is done with absolute calm and physical way. The visitor simply driven into the space from the space itself.

Created small spots – ponds- where visitors can study or just observe the space for which it shortly will be informed scientifically and in detail.

The singularity of the site led us to this proposal. Born from the Place.

We recommend the use of materials that have a direct relationship with Cyprus, like sheets of copper and stone. but also – very subtly-more modern materials such as bare concrete and glass.